Introducing the 3G Mindset: the universal and timeless key to career success

Last week marked the culmination of more than two years work with the publication, globally of our new book ‘Put Your Mindset to Work.’

The book, which I have co-authored with Dr Paul G. Stoltz, is the result of substantial and intensive research.  It demonstrates that when it comes to recruitment, mindset emphatically trumps skill set.  The book goes on to identify and describe the key traits that make up the winning mindset, which we call the 3G Mindset.  By applying the winning 3G Mindset in the right way, jobseekers can:

  • Triple their chances of getting and keeping the job they want.
  • Achieve seven times the value of a ‘normal employee’.

On this journey, we asked thousands of employers around the world what they really look for in new recruits and we analysed thousands of job applications to see which were successful and which were not.  We are uniquely placed to do this because of REED’s extensive client contacts and because of the very high volumes of visitors and applicants that we receive online at  This meant that we could undertake groundbreaking research, the results of which have the potential to transform recruitment and selection in the future.

Ultimately, employers tell us loud and clear that it is all about mindset.  Skills are important, obviously, but mindset comes first.  But what do they mean by mindset and how do they recognise it?  Until now, the winning mindset has not been defined and there was no way of identifying it.  In response to this gap in the market we have simplified and distilled the most important mindset qualities and created the 3G Mindset™ which describes and captures the essence of what employers say they want.

This website is our new portal to a range of online tools, assessments and services that we have developed to assist employers and job seekers. The 3G Panorama (3GP) is the world’s number one tool for assessing mindset.  The CMe™ offers jobseekers the opportunity to create a new three dimensional CV that will properly demonstrate their mindset qualities at work and thereby improve their prospects.

For me, the best and most exciting thing about this work is that developing a winning 3G Mindset is a good thing to do whoever you are and whatever your circumstances.  A winning 3GMindset is both universal and timeless. You can take it with you anywhere.


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